Interview with Almighty DJ YAN

Yesterday one of the baggiest DJ’s in Philly, DJ YAN give a special interview for Deep Space Life.

Hello and how are you doing today?

I am doing well, thank you.

-Where where you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Kiev Ukraine and moved to Philadelphia in 1990, so I guess I grew up right here in Philadelphia. PA

-When in your life did you realize that DJing was the career that you wished to pursue?

I think the first time I walked in to a club around 1996 I knew that being a dj was something that I wanted to do. When I was growing up I was always in to music. I played the violin for most of my teen years, so music has always been a part of my life.

-Who has been the most influential person in your life this far?

I don’t think there is that one person in my life. I believe it’s a number of people, my family, friends and all the people who support my vision.

-How has your style evolved since you first embarked on your career as a DJ?

Well I actually began playing Trance in the late 90s. For me, it was a very moving style of music so it kind of captured me. As I grew older I began to slow down on the BPM’s lol. So house music was a natural transition. Today it’s more Tech Tribal for me its dark moving and I love it.

-What has been your favorite venue/crowd to DJ for?

I have played many different venues in my career. If I have to name one place it has to be Lounge One Two Five. There are many reasons for that. When the owner of the club believes in the sound and shares the same vision as you do it only helps me to Elevate my level. Knowing that I have full control of the crowd and can take them anywhere I want to.

-Do you ever interact with your crowd and take suggestions in style or music, or do you rely more on your ability to move the crowd in the direction you choose?

I always try to interact with the crowd. I think that’s part of the whole concept. I believe that if I show them energy they will take that and give it right back to me, so it kind of works both ways.

-Have you ever felt that a crowd just didn’t get what you were trying to accomplish with your set?

I defiantly have felt that a few times. But who hasn’t lol. I don’t believe that a true dj/entertainer should come to a club or a lounge and have a specific set that he or she is going to play or perform. I think that you should always have a wide variety of music with you so you can read the crowd and be able to move in different directions with in your stile of music.

-What do you feel separates you from the rest, in a city filled with people trying to establish themselves in the Music Industry?

That’s a good question. Well I have recently incorporated Alex M in to the act. Alex adds a different dimension to the shows that we now do. We use live samples over the music so it adds more too each track. It’s defiantly something different than what any one is doing around here so that’s one of the thing that separates us from any one else. Another thing is the ability to read a crow its very simple ether you can do that or you can’t.

-In which direction do you plan to take your DJ career in the future?

Alex and I are in the studio a lot so production is the number one goal. We also want to fine tune the effects part of our show. I think Alex is doing an excellent job with that, each show we do together gets better and better. We believe that this is something that other promoters and venues can look at as an act and generate more bookings for us. We have recently started a couple of new residencies such as Welcome To Our World @ Nocturnal Miami (monthly) Detox Sundays @ Bamboo Bar in Philadelphia and Marmont on Fridays. So In the future the idea is to be out there doing shows and keeping people happy.

-What, if anything, would you like to change about the Philly nightlife scene?

I don’t think I need to answer that question. There are way too many things that could be different in Philadelphia. If I had to change just one thing I would defiantly have an all dance station. This would be a major step in the right direction to bring the night life back to the old days when house music was played @ most clubs in Philadelphia.

-Do you have any upcoming appearances or projects that we should be looking out for?

We are working on a couple releases so when they are done will defiantly spread the word and hopefully people like and enjoy them.
For upcoming shows, just check out my face book page http://www.facebook/djyan or . I keep them updated.

-Thank you for taking the time to share some information with us. Are there any parting words you have to offer?

Thank you for intervening me it has been fun. Good luck with Deep Space Life and I will see you all soon.

Come see DJ YAN @ Red Sky this Wednesday (7-29-09) for our weekly RED and WHITE party.



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