March’s Meet The DJ is a very close friend of mine and originally came to us by way of the Dominican Republic. The first time I heard DJ Safarii was in 2006. I was at Tierra Columbiana celebrating a friend’s birthday party. The majority of the music was salsa, merengue and bachata but late in the evening I heard DJ Safarii drop some smoking house tracks that definitely surprised me! We danced under the lights as Safarii rocked the decks in a vicious electronic music set and left me wondering about this guy. Fast forward to 2010, Safarii has quickly become a notable name in the philly dance scene and is adding big gigs to his resume, biggest of which is the 2010 Ultra Music Festival. PhillyEDM hooked up with DJ Safarii in preparation for his gig this Friday @ Denim called FREQUENCY with DJ Yan:

PEDM– Hey Safarii! Great to have the opportunity to be with you again. Why don’t we start out with a short introduction for all of our readers (DJ Name, Musical Style).

SAF– SAFARii UREÑA :: Currently going by just SAFARii. It seems like my last name isn’t the easiest to pronounce. lol :: I would be scared to say what musical style I like. May be I should say depending on the weather is what I would listen to. At the club you might listen to a tech /minimal style with a tribal splash. I’m from the Dominican Republic.

PEDM– What draws you to dance music and drives you to be more creative each time you step up to the decks?

SAF– I’m Driven by two things. The energy of the crowd, and the way GREAT music can make you forget of everything, and welcome you into the DJ/Producer’s way of ART.

PEDM– What changes have you undergone, in the musical sense, since you began focusing on DJing electronic dance music?

SAF– Many changes! It’s been a Journey :: I can only say, unless you see this as a way of life it would be difficult to understand.

PEDM– I know you’re a busy man between your weekly residencies and guest spots, are you leaving any time open for Producing? Are we gunna hear any productions by DJ Safarii in the future?

SAF– Currently I’m getting comfy with all the production tools but hopefully in the near future.

PEDM– Right now, music in the dance world is blowing up! Of course we’re in the prime time for releases with the Winter Music Conference just 2 weeks away. What artists or labels are catching your attention these days?

SAF– Luciano, Loco dice, Audiofly, Mendo, and a few more guys that are creating unique sounds.

PEDM– Last year year at WMC we had a blast! What’s the first thing you’re gunna do when you touch down in Miami?

SAF– Tnxxxxxx god for the opportunity :)

PEDM– You just broke huge news about you DJing @ ULTRA. A huge honor and a monumental moment for your career. Tell us about this gig and how special it is for you?

SAF– This gig is only the beginning of something special. It’s very important, but I treat it like I treat all my other gigs. They all have much importance to me, and deserve quality!

PEDM– Thanks Safarii for taking time out to speak with!

SAF– No! Thank you for the opportunity! peace.&.love :SAFARii



One thought on “MEET THE DJ: SAFARII

  1. hi, I’m getting married in september 2011 and I was wondering if you are avialiable to meet up and talk about being a dj for our wedding. I’m dominican and I won’t be surving alcoholic drink ! ( so you know what that means for a dominican family) lol. So I could like to hit them with GREAT music. I have been looking for someone with your style. Spanish americanish dj. Please get back to me and let me know either way.. Thanks

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