Gabriel and Dresden @ Rumor Night Club

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Rumor Night club Presents…
Throughout the careers of Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden, they have been a big influence on electronic dance music. Unlike other deejay groupings/bands such as Above & Beyond who are dedicated to trance based composition, Gabriel & Dresden mixed club and house music like Deep Dish, another duo that created many #1 charting songs and remixes.

Gabriel & Dresden were both influenced by Alexander Coe, musically known Sasha, who inspired them to write a more minimal tone of tracks. This influence can be heard in their only self-titled studio album, Gabriel & Dresden (album) with tracks like uplifting “Eleven” with Scarlett Etienne, “Enemy” with Jan Burton and the repetitive “Mass Repeat”. They also have rock-based influences which make some songs sound indie. Josh Gabriel was influenced by the producer James Holden as well as Depeche Mode and The Cure. Dave Dresden was also inspired by Jonathan Peters.

Gabriel & Dresden have been a great influence on various artists like Christopher Norman, Blake Jarell, Tim Grube, Chephren Blake, and Brian Martinelli. In 2006 a compilation of Gabriel & Dresden remixes was created by Geyser & Massa and released in Russia on the Music1st label.

Christopher Norman, who mixes under his own name and the alias Retrobyte, works as part of Organized Nature. Due to the breakup of Gabriel & Dresden, the expected full length Retrobyte album was delayed to an unknown date in 2008 or 2009. Gabriel & Dresden named Christopher Norman as the breakthrough DJ of 2008 in the 2007 DJMag awards.

Even though they took separate tracks, on October 29 when the results of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s of 2008 were announced, Gabriel & Dresden came in at the 65th position.


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