M.I.K.E and Bissen @ Rumor

Please send your names to deepspacelife@gmail.com to avoid waiting in line and ensure your entrance.

Rumor Presents…


For some artists, a song title is a mere formality.For M.I.K.E., it’s the beginning of a story, and indicative of an event or life experience that compels you to listen and find out more. M.I.K.E.’s own story started aged 10, after a Depeche Mode synth electro performance wowed him into wanting to produce music, he went on to release his first track at 18 and never looked back. Following 7 album releases under various guises (including Push and M.I.K.E.), dance and chart success all over the world, and remixes for everybody from Sinead O Connor to Moby over to Bomfunk Mc’s and Armin Van Buuren and many more…
M.I.K.E’s reputation shot through the roof, and although a commercial crossover had never been anticipated, in 1998 ‘Universal Nation’ took the world by storm, winning several dance awards, and undoubtedly being recognized as one of the classic dance-records of the trance era till this day. Pole positions in worldwide dance charts were soon putting the Belgian dance scene firmly on the map. His Push follow-up single,’Strange World’, destroyed hundreds of clubs across Europe, in the same vein as’Universal Nation’. This kind of success did not go unnoticed as M.I.K.E. was asked to DJ at some of the best venues in the world; some of these include: ‘Gatecrasher’ and ‘Godskitchen’ in the UK,’Fura’ and ‘Vel Farre’ in Japan, ‘Dance Valley’ and ‘Trance Energy’ in Holland, ‘Webster Hall’ and ‘Spundae’ in the U.S., from Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne to New Zeeland are a few to mention.
Back in 2004 Mike started his label Club Elite Recordings together with Armada Music, where he releases his own productions under different guises.The label goes for the better Trance with the right touch of Progressive House. More info can be found on http://www.club-elite-recordings.com.


Along Side with DJ Michael Myers (Main room):



LEV Room:

DJ Elvis Suares:

For Bottle Service and Table reservation please email at mike@trckd.com

1500 Sansom street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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