Charles Lima

Dj/producer charles lima,originally born in brazil and a long time resident of new york,made himself into a symbol for what ”good music” is recognized for by winning over his public with his unmatched talent and charisma wherever he would deejay. he is a resident dj of club pacha in ny(made in brazil nyc) and has played at other hot spots such as mansion,webster hall,cielo,greenhouse,trump world tower,sullivan room,and guest house alon with many others.not limiting himself to just nyc,charles has layed state wide in places such as club rise(boston),elevate(new haven),pacha stage at brazilian day in newark,love(dc),opera(atlanta) and other mega events like brazilian day in ny,nj,ma,pa,and ga. all these accomplishments made it so that charles lima slowly began to rise to the top and became the most popular brazilian dj in the usa. in actuality charles lima mixes brazilian groove with the agression of nyc tech house along with his friend and collegue iaell meyer starting the much anticipated project of FACE OF BRAZIL.

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