Chris Costanzo

With the field of house music DJs continuing to expand exponentially, its become increasingly difficult for anyone talented to stand out. That is, of course, unless you are Chris Costanzo. In what seems like overnight, this extremely gifted young DJ/Producer has infiltrated the house music production scene and is making some major waves.

Combining a lifelong love of music with a passion for the dance floor, Chris Costanzo works to create an energy on the floor that is all his own. With an appetite for massive, hands-in-the-air anthems, tough tribal beats and pumping underground house sounds, Chris knows how to bring a dance floor to life, unleashing wave after wave of energy with seamless mixing and a natural ability to connect with his audience.

Chriss’ extraordinary talent and showmanship is perhaps best appreciated during his live DJ sets. “It’s more about how I play the records as opposed to which records I play,” offers Chris. Without a doubt, he is one of the hardest working people in the game and destined to become a household name. Undeniably bound for superstar status, Chris live performances transcend the dance floor, inspiring awe and cultivating a diverse following of revelers. Chris Costanzo is ready to conquer the world.

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