Dj Yan w/Alex M

Over the past decade, the name DJ Yan has become synonymous with House music in Philadelphia. While seducing the club goers  with his hypnotic baseline and heart pounding beats, Yan has established himself as one of the best and most in demand DJs around.

Born in Kiev Ukraine, Yan first gained exposure to music through his family. From an early age, they instilled in him a love of music and nourished his talent. Upon immigrating to the US in his early teens, Yan began going to clubs and parties where he was exposed to the great sounds of influential DJ’s like: Rob Lee, Robbie Tronco, Josh Wink, Paul Van Dyke, and many others. Inspired by what he saw and heard, Yan set out to make his own mark on the dance-music scene.

Since solidifying his name and reputation in Philly, DJ Yan has traveled all over the US, playing alongside industry greats like Judge Jewels, Tiesto, Josh Wink, Robbie Tronco, Peter Bailey, Oscar G, Richie Santana, John Creamer, and many more. Anyone who has experienced his sets first hand will tell you that it’s DJ Yan’s ability to read the crowd that truly sets him apart. Every electrifying set sends the crowd into an explosive uproar wanting more. In 2008, Yan’s talent and popularity has garnered him a contract with the local management company Third Eye Talent Management.

Most recently, Yan has channeled his vision and creativity into introducing the experience that is “ELEVATE”. Taking his talent to another level, ELEVATE is the new name for the parties that Yan appears at all over the country. ELEVATE is an experience for all your senses and once you get a taste you’ll be coming back for more.

ELEVATE your senses with DJ Yan’s up coming remixes and CD releases in a city near you.

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